Bleda has led a really huge life

The heart of it, always Mary, his wife

They worked hard and prospered

The good life they fostered


Bleda the First was an archer

And, yes, a horseman to boot

He passed genes down the line through the ladies

Though it has to be said, they can’t shoot


The Bledas bought a place in Spain,

Years before the crowds

That’s where Bleda did his writing…

All the stories that have wowed

He could be kind, or Rabelaisian

Really needing no persuasion


Helicoptering in to the Cheltenham Festival

Could mostly (not always) be considered sensible

But the client was king, Bleda’s focus The Firm

Besprinkling hospitality to the maximum


He’s fond of his whiskies and heartily agrees

With Humphrey Bogart,

Whose last words were

“I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis”



Who else do you know who’s flown to the Met….

Just how cool can you really get?

In ’91 they saw Il Barbiere di Siviglia

With Thomas Hampson as Figaro

His marvellous largo al factotum is still on You Tube you know!


Not only that, our hero can cook

He’s having the family for the Yule

The menu? Confit de canard, filet de porc

Not a sprout in sight, how they’ll drool


So please raise your glasses

Get up off your…..chairs

The toast is dear Bleda

Who tempts us to pen it

In the way of Alan Bennett

Encourages our minds to run free

And organised it seamlessly

Bravo, Bleda!








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