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FOR BLEDA   Bleda has led a really huge life The heart of it, always Mary, his wife They worked hard and prospered The good life they fostered   Bleda the First was an archer And, yes, a horseman to boot He passed genes down Read More


HER The curfew tolls the knell of parting day….. A shadow emerges, slyly, on the way Who is this shape mimicking me Who’s so familiar, poised to flee   Is it a ghost to guide me on To stretch me forward ‘til I’m gone? Magicked Read More


SIGNALS   There he is again……. I’ve walked this walk for more than 35 years with all our family dogs, a mile from the house into a beautiful wild park, though we walk in several other places.  The retirement home, subtle but too isolated from Read More

Last Straw

LAST STRAW   They’ve walked for twelve  miles through luscious Windermere in the Lake District and Nick is done in. “Sheila, I’m trying, but I’m shagged out.” His Australian partner is amazed. “Come on, Nick,  only another three miles to go, mate, you can do Read More


ABERDEEN   Aberdeen is full of charity shops. The British Heart Foundation, Save the Children, Oxfam, Shelter, all have a big presence there. Margot goes into the PDSA one day, they’re asking for volunteers, it’s the nearest to her and she can walk there in Read More


One winces When princes Announce they’re engaged Do their ladies not fear (as well as being caged)   That Henry the Eighth (that bearded, red fella) Whose penchant for change Was way out of range)   Is their forebear! By blood! Their offspring inherits!! Pray, Read More


    “I can still pull them,” the neighbour says over the fence as our young gardener hops into his truck and toots goodbye.  She turns her gaze on him into a little pout. His civil nod to her is taken as a sign he Read More


Short, no-dialogue piece for the April 2016 TCWG competition   BRUSSELS   They wander into a café, sit down. An hour and a half of inhaling the Magritte exhibition has given them a thirst. There are two others there finishing their meal, lolling in the Read More


    JANUARY 2016 entry on the subject of…..LEGEND     Bon Jovi Menzies-Campbell, (pronounced Ming-Campbell) interviewer extraordinaire, adjusts his tight leather trousers from the back, swings his cashmere jacket open and tucks a thumb into his soft calf belt for a casual effect. “Hair Read More

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