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FOR BLEDA   Bleda has led a really huge life The heart of it, always Mary, his wife They worked hard and prospered The good life they fostered   Bleda the First was an archer And, yes, a horseman to boot He passed genes down Read More


HER The curfew tolls the knell of parting day….. A shadow emerges, slyly, on the way Who is this shape mimicking me Who’s so familiar, poised to flee   Is it a ghost to guide me on To stretch me forward ‘til I’m gone? Magicked Read More

Poem 1 – At The Gate

Inspired by this knackered St. Peter outside the Uffizi (the day job)

AT THE GATE I’m arriving at the pearly gate, I think too early, not too late I’ve learned from Granny hanging round Does not endear you to the crowd I laugh out loud as I first see St Peter, he of Galilee “You’re such a Read More