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Dead Right

“You’re not forcing me to fly in a lousy old plane!” Gillian shouted, smashing a mosquito on her arm. “Look, Air Jebal is 23% cheaper. It’s the same trip apart from the six hour wait in Dubai,” reasoned Clive. Where money was concerned, he brought Read More

Life in the Sticks

Desmond – I can’t stand that name. It conjures up a smug 11 year old with a Brylcreem fringe slicked back, unmoving. Even then, you could see his potential as a used car dealer a mile away. Desmond had a young brother the image of Read More


  STUCK   Kylee’s parents were noisy lovers. Not for them the depths of night, or a sneakily turned key in the bedroom door. No. Lust had thrived in the fertile soil of slanging matches, the odd wallop, the conviction of both that everyone was Read More

Tell Tail

    TELL TAIL “Mum?” “What, Jane?” I was irritated. My hand was in a rubber glove, halfway down the s-bend. Aren’t all 14 year-olds the same? We’d been having breakfast twenty minutes earlier and she’d hardly said a word. “Dudley just gave me a Read More

Lunch With The Girls

LUNCH WITH THE GIRLS (The Myth of Happily Ever After) Louise was between husbands. Jason, with his beautiful body, was at the beginning of his career with women.  He tried luring Louise back to bed, where he lay wearing only total confidence. His glorious vanity Read More

What Albert Told Marilyn

WHAT ALBERT TOLD MARILYN (Shortlisted November 2012 SSC)   “Goede middag” Sebastian presented the menus to the only couple in the dining room, automatically wiping the table with a cloth. He was shattered. He’d worked till 4 a.m. then Laurens  dragged him from sleep at Read More